The Photographer

Gwyn Leadbeater-Bailey, was born in a small village called Coytrahen in South Wales, United Kingdom. He has four main passions in life - Photography, Motorcycling, his pet dog , and of course his lovely wife. No one except his dog is really sure which he loves the most!

Since his twenties Gwyn has toured extensively through most of Europe and the North American Continent... with much of this on one of his favourite motorcycles of the time. In 1997 Gwyn and his wife moved from the United Kingdom to Alberta, Canada where travel has remained high on the agenda.

Gwyn's first "real" camera, a Fujica AZ1 which he purchased all the way back in 1979 is still going strong today, although moving along with technology, he is currently using a Canon 5D Mk II which has helped create the birth of Life's Awesome Adventure web gallery - I hope you enjoy.

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